Peter B. Olszowka

This is my homepage. My wife has her own webpage.

Professional Life

I am currently programming for ASP.MD. I have worked in telecommunications billing and taxation as well. I have expertise in enterprise software systems which utilize oracle databases and high volume transaction processing.

Academic Life

In June of 1996 I graduated from the Tuck School of Business Administration which is part of Dartmouth College.

In May of 1987, I graduated from Yale University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. I had lived in Silliman, one of the twelve residential colleges.

Photo Album

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I'm very active in folkdancing and folk music.

Places/events where I'm often found dancing

Sound Reenforcement

I own professional quality sound reenforcement gear and provide audio production services for various events in the Boston area. I specialize in folk music, but can produce any type of event.

These are some events and groups I've worked with:

15 Sartwell Ave.
Somerville, MA 02144

Phone: (617)-666-0216
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